• Short Exhibitions

    The suspended city – Mimmo Caruso e Mauro Rombi

    September 30 -October 2, 2020


    Tecnical sheet:

    The suspended city, digital print on PVC, 220x50 cm
    photos by Marco Fronteddu
    Domenico (Mimmo) Caruso (1954) lives and works in Quartucciu.
    After graduating from the artistic high school of Cagliari he devoted himself to photography both
    in the artistic field, exhibiting in various exhibitions, which in the context of
    visual communication in the area of ​​publishing and advertising.
    Mauro Rombi (1957) lives and works in Cagliari.
    He was one of the founders of the "Photo 13" Gallery in Cagliari, the only one
    in Sardinia specializing in photography, and one of the few in Italy.
    To his credit several exhibitions and non-fiction publications on
  • Short Exhibitions

    Laura De Stasio – Interion notes

    february 19-21, 2020


    Tecnical sheet:
    n.9 collage of fabrics, pins, 20x25 cm, 2019/2020;
    n.2 blue toile de jouy canvases, pins, cm 37x27 and cm 27x32;
    n.1 blue toile de jouy stool, cm 35x50x35, 2020;
    n.1 collage of fabrics, pins, cm 32x25, and doily D cm 140, 2020;
    n.1 collage of fabrics, pins, cm 50x70, 2019;
    n.1 panel with fabric, pins, cm 35x120, 2019.
    photos by Marco Fronteddu

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    Laura De Stasio (Turin), restorer of frescoes and stone, lives and works in Turin.
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/laura.d.stasio

  • Short Exhibitions

    Alessandra Serra – rékuiem

    september 25-27, 2019


    Technical data sheet: installation of room size with 1300 single-use probes for tracheobronchial aspiration with points with distant and lateral holes, 2600 steel nails; white chipboard cabinet, white rectangular basin filled with green cleaning liquid, a white porcelain plate with a silver-decorated edge, dragonfly, 21x15 cm framed hat.
    Requiem / ‹rèkuiem› is the winning project of the competition: "CONTEMPORANEA @ Spazio E_EMME" edition 2018/2019, an action of the Piano delle Arti of the Liceo Artistico "G.Brotzu" of Quartu S. Elena in collaboration with Spazio E_EMME via Mameli 187, Cagliari.
    CONTEMPORANEA is a project carried out online by the G. Brotzu High School, Comune di Quartu S. Elena, Artists, Gallery owners, Performing Arts Festival, Film Festival, Curators, Exhibition Spaces.
    The Mission: to offer students fertile ground that favors the creation of works of art also through the use of new languages of contemporary art and is able to favor exchange and reflection, a laboratory in which the school opens to the territory, to the places assigned to the use of the Art but also to "other" spaces that allow a spread of Contemporary Art among the common people.
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    Alessandra Serra (Cagliari 1998)

  • Short Exhibitions

    Andrea Colombu – Shadow lines

     february 27 -  march 1, 2019


    Tecnical sheet: 24 sheets of black paper, crackling and white pen.
    Along the entire wall of the gallery 24 shadows follow one another the same except for the white pencil marks located in the head.
    We do not know if we are looking at the shadow of ourselves or our comrades, acquaintances, strangers met by chance.
    Andrea Colombu, was born in Cagliari in 1973 where, still today, he lives and works. During his adolescence he enrolled at the "Foiso Fois" State High School in Cagliari.
    He graduated in the mid-1990s and moved to Perugia, where he attended the "Pietro Vannucci" Academy of Fine Arts. The first works are from that decade, and the initial themes that characterize them are strongly influenced by the gestural painting, and refer to artistic movements such as Informal Art.
    While formal research pushes him into the study of purer geometries, the contamination of conceptual art leads him to marry the idea of ​​symbolic content.
    The last years of the decade see him in full experimentation with materials. Paper, stone, iron, coal, chalk and ink.
    After completing his academic studies, in 2000 he completely abandoned the use of the subject to face new techniques and compositional processes, such as photography and vector graphics, often supported by drawing.
    Daily processes that take on a meditative and introspective character, in the observation of contemporary society.


    Photos by Marco Fronteddu, Andrea Colombu

  • Short Exhibitions

    Nicola Cioglia – CATWORLD

    january 31 - february 2, 2019



    Tecnical sheet: 12 oils on paper, size 50x70cm executed between 2018 and January 2019.
    titles: Untitled, T vs T, My loving cat Tiger, Yellow Tiger, Blue Tiger, Red Tiger 2, Self Portrait with Tiger  together very angry, Tiger on crocodile, Red Tiger 1, Untitled, Toxic World, Self-Portrait cuddling Tiger
    Nicola Cioglia (Cagliari 1998) attends the last year of the Foiso Fois Artistic Lyceum in Cagliari.


    At least since the last century, painting has ceased to be a way of looking at the world, becoming instead a massive synaesthesia. In the absence of predetermined boundaries, painting has wandered through the senses, uniting everything it could unite. Whatever the subject, the language of reference or the styles used, the act of painting today thrives on a melting pot of stimuli: it is matter, color, composition, but also lived emotion, memory; post-figurative and post-media, it plays on many fields, intertwining the visibility of everyday life with the artificial dimension of reality.

    In short, if complexity is the original sin of contemporary painting, it is clear that even a small exhibition like this one by Nicola, which is almost monothematic, offers a multiplicity of ideas and possible paths. You can use it as a map of the linguistic evolutions of the last decade or as a field research for the figurative references that lurk in its patterns; one can lose oneself in the evocative power of color, follow the material stratification of surfaces, or be inspired by its narrative suggestions. In any case, at some point, you will realize that you lost your objective, because the contamination tension of the elaborations does not allow a singular and directional development. It is therefore normal that, in the end, we’re stuck with the cat.

    P.S. For the record, the cat really exists and it is an integral part of the family.

    Gianni Murtas

  • Short Exhibitions

    Fabrizio Ortu – Mumble

    3-5 October 2018


    Technical sheet: n.13 acrylic, enamel and felt-tip pen on paper, 7 acrylics on canvas, 1 chalk sculpture and inserts of enamelled acetate.

    In this short exibition, we will talk about writing,  the most abstract art that exists par excellance.

    In fact, only the obligation of a long discipline, i.e. school education, gives us the image of a dog, when we read these curved lines that are sometimes interrupted, and allows us the vision of abstract concepts such as prudence or perseverance.

    We can even see the ”broken“ dog, that is the d, o, g, and without any correspondence to the parts of the same, legs, nose, snout, but as to weave and combine reeds.

    So what do the figures of Fabrizio Ortu tell us, these elaborations of graphic signs imagined as alien writing where colors and signs develop according to rules unknown to us?

    But above all, do we really want norms and explanations that reveal the enigma, depriving us, at the same time, of the fascination of mystery and mortifying our imagination and our intellectual efforts?

    I have always wondered if the annoyance that we experience when someone reveals the name of the murderer prematurely is not the same one that dwells in the art when you simplify the work of an artist in a simplified way, attributing it for example to an artistic current, depriving the viewer of the originality of the discovery.

    Biography: Fabrizio Ortu (Nuoro 1977) lives and works in Nuoro.

  • Short Exhibitions

    Roberto Falchi – I’ll tell you a tale

    6-8 June 2018


    Technical sheet: 7 paints on paper for food, 2 ink and watercolor on glossy paper, a moleskine booklet with water-colored paper inserts.

    Ti racconto una storia (I’ll tell you a tale) is an intimate tale, partly an autobiographical one, about the conquest of awareness and the achievement of adulthood.

    With images close by taste to the illustrations of fables, Roberto Falchi accompanies us through the choices, experiences, joys and disappointments that mark our existence up to self-(in)consciousness.

    It is difficult to establish when this happens: we can only be sure that, at a certain moment, the world of childhood and adolescence no longer belongs to us. Pragmatic urgencies are superimposed on idealized projects, programs to be implemented according to the available means and immediate feasibility and usability, even if devoid of poetics and imagination.

    And, on the possibility of recovering the age of innocence, this work invites us to find, by isolating individual episodes, the memory and the taste of discovery, the indeterminacy and indefiniteness of feelings, the freshness of emotions.

    One for all: being in love.

    Biography: Roberto Falchi (Cagliari 1980) lives and works in Quartu Sant'Elena. After studying at the Liceo Artistico of Cagliari, he continued his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, achieving with the highest marks the degree in Painting with the prof. Renato Ranaldi, with the correlation of Radu Dragomirescu. From 2001 to 2004, he collaborated at the Ceramic Laboratory of the artist Claudio Pulli in Selargius, CA. In 2004 the artist Bertrand Lavièr asked him for a collaboration to do a job at the Pecci Museum in Prato. In 2004, he collaborated with Radu Dragomirescu for the realization of the preparation of an exhibition at the Church of Barnabiti in Florence. In 2011, he specialized in visual arts and performing arts. He currently teaches Image Art in a secondary school.

  • Short Exhibitions

    Roberto Randaccio – Fake Papers Lacerations

    2-4 May 2018


    Technical sheet: 5 mixed technique (acrylic and graphite) on paper (japanese Moleskine).

    Lacerazioni is a series of works in acrylic and graphite belonging to the Carte False (Fake Papers) project, a cycle of works characterized by the representation of sheets of paper on real paper.

    The paper, continually cited and depicted in its different styles – folded, cut, torn –, becomes an instrument of investigation to reflect upon appearance and reality, negation and figuration, as well as becoming, with its simple presence of open white paper, a witness and a critic of the works of other artists.

    Lacerazioni is a series of reflections freely inspired by the Dead Christ by Holbein.

    Biography: Roberto Randaccio (Cagliari 1958) lives and works in Cagliari.

  • Short Exhibitions

    Elisa Desortes – Middle Earth

    14-16 March 2018


    Technical sheet: n. 9 drawings with rapidograph 0.1 postcard size, installation: white table, white chair, interior plan, notebook, pencil.

    In the short-exibition Middle Earth, Elisa Desortes takes us to a no-man's-land where stereotypical structures and places, destined for the use of a mass audience, have become the new cathedrals of the 21st century.

    Renamed by Marc Augè "non-places", every day, consciously or not despite the uninviting definition, we voluntarily look for them and attend them, dedicating to them part of our time.

    We look at them, seeking the forced light of every hour of the day, the food and the manufactured goods to meet the taste of everyone, the right ambiance to celebrate personal recurrences, the occasional meetings to socialize and the company to travel.

    And if the recognizability of the structures promises the certainty of the content, the secret desire is to remain a unique individual well distinguishable within them, not confused with the millions of faces that meet intent in the same research with similar motivations.

    Thus, the education to the use of these massively frequented places pushes the community in the opposite direction of empathy, towards an exacerbated individualism.

    Still, we are far from requesting affection through these channels but – who knows – with the progress of online sales on Amazon, the new virtual frontier of "non-places", perhaps soon enough we will be able to order a surrogate mother, a brother, a faithful pet, and a Prince Charming.

    Biography: Elisa Desortes (Sassari 1974) lives and works in Sassari.