Short Exhibitions

Nicola Cioglia – CATWORLD

January 31 – February 2, 2019

Tecnical sheet

12 oils on paper, size 50x70cm executed between 2018 and January 2019.


Untitled, T vs T, My loving cat Tiger, Yellow Tiger, Blue Tiger, Red Tiger 2, Self Portrait with Tiger together very angry, Tiger on crocodile, Red Tiger 1, Untitled, Toxic World, Self-Portrait cuddling Tiger

Nicola Cioglia (Cagliari 1998) attends the last year of the Foiso Fois Artistic Lyceum in Cagliari.


At least since the last century, painting has ceased to be a way of looking at the world, becoming instead a massive synaesthesia. In the absence of predetermined boundaries, painting has wandered through the senses, uniting everything it could unite. Whatever the subject, the language of reference or the styles used, the act of painting today thrives on a melting pot of stimuli: it is matter, color, composition, but also lived emotion, memory; post-figurative and post-media, it plays on many fields, intertwining the visibility of everyday life with the artificial dimension of reality.

In short, if complexity is the original sin of contemporary painting, it is clear that even a small exhibition like this one by Nicola, which is almost monothematic, offers a multiplicity of ideas and possible paths. You can use it as a map of the linguistic evolutions of the last decade or as a field research for the figurative references that lurk in its patterns; one can lose oneself in the evocative power of color, follow the material stratification of surfaces, or be inspired by its narrative suggestions. In any case, at some point, you will realize that you lost your objective, because the contamination tension of the elaborations does not allow a singular and directional development. It is therefore normal that, in the end, we’re stuck with the cat.

P.S. For the record, the cat really exists and it is an integral part of the family.

Gianni Murtas