Short Exhibitions

Raffaello Ugo – Painteque

 7-9 February 2018

Technical sheet: 15 drawings in colored pencil on paper.

A series of portraits of domestic life are an opportunity for Raffaello Ugo to invite us to reflect upon the concept of memory.

Starting from common subjects, daily gestures and actions that are repeated without apparent variations, small episodes that for an instant alter the daily routine, this is an exhibition of individual memories, focused on the suggestion of memory and its reworking, the sum of analogous episodes, making it an opportunity to search for one’s own self, an invitation to self-awareness and self-knowledge.

The non-exceptionality of the subjects means that they become a common ground of everybody’s memory, a sort of family lexicon, where the collective memory of friends, relatives, animals and places is transformed into a paean.

And the suggestion or invitation that seems to spring from the memory of our memories, both affectionate and ironic, that stares us from the walls is that the most courageous action we carry out in our existence: heroism is learning to know each other.

Biography: Raffaello Ugo (Empoli, 1957) lives and works in Monserrato.