A Gift From The Artist

December 27 – 29. 2018

Scheda tecnica:

Lucio Pozzi, Difraction, acrylic on flashe on board, 2 works, cm30,5×22,8×2,2, 2016

Lorenza Sannai, acrylic on panel, Rientro cm15,2×15,2,4, Regola, Destinato, Fenomeno cm15,2×15,2×2,4  2017, Doppio Peso, Clinamen cm50,8×40,6,2,2, Scarti dell’equilibrio cm40,6×30,5×2,2, 2018

Linda Schrenk, Il barone rampante, archival pigment print   5/10, n.6 cm150x50  2015.

Lynn Umlauf, Senza titolo, wire mesh, plexiglas, acetate sheet, metal wire, 2000

Adriano Orrù, Sarabande sketches, double bass, 27.12.2018, 19,40

Giacomo Salis & Marco Ferrazza, Improvvisazione, drums and electronic music, 28.12.2018, 20,00

A gift from the artist is the annual appointment that begins immediately after the Christmas holidays and ends on the last day of the year. This year, from the 27th to the 29th of December, seven artists will offer you a moment of their poetic research.

Lucio Pozzi, Lorenza Sannai, Linda Schrank, Lynn Umlauf, with their pictures, Adriano Orrù on December 27th – from 7.40pm – with his double bass, Marco Ferrazza and Giacomo Salis on December 28th – from 8.00pm – with their electronic music and percussions.

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www.luciopozzi.com  www.lorenzasannai.com  www.lindaschrank.comwww.lynnumlauf.com   www.adrianoorru.com  salis & ferrazza duo