Ruggero Baragliu – FADE OUT

March 8-22, 2019

Technical sheet:

n.3 oils on canvas cm60x80 2018-19;

n.1 oil on canvas cm100x120 2018;

n.4 acrylic on canvas cm24x30 2016;

n.1 oil on canvas cm24x30 2016;

n.1 oil on canvas cm40x50 2018; FADE OUT installation: 8 elements in shaped oil-painted MDF, variable dimensions

FADE OUT, fading images, tells us how memories of moments lived consciously or captivated blindly from the eyes during our daily life are combined and confused in memory, to reemerge in flaps in new forms. In our time, where modernity is personified by the speed of the flow of everything, of the time, of the urban landscapes glimpsed by the sub-windows, of the music spread by a mobile phone or a running car, of a quick lunch break in a room crowded, of a succinct text message, the eye mechanically captures every moment of the day, postponing the act of analysis and awareness to future moments. In the uncritical absorption of all these images and activities of daily life we lose sight of what is true and what is not.

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critical text by Fabio Vito Lacertosa

Ruggero Baragliu (Nuoro 1987), lives and works between Nuoro and Turin.
He is one of the founders, together with Samuele Pigliapochi and Angelo Spatola, of the indipendent Turin space IDEMStudio.
His reaserch starts from the deconstruction of the image, whatever the subject, up to a formal synthesis of the same.
The image stripped down to obtain the supporting structure, is reconfigured into another possible scene no less real or false than the original.
The slow dissolution of a given image allows the creation of another, original and pure.
Among the most recent exhibitions:
LACERTO, at the Galleria Alessio Moitre in Turin (2018);
AIR CONDITIONING, at IDEMStudio in Turin (2018);
PROGRESSIVE, at Edicola Radetzky in Milan (2019);
TARAPIA TAPIOCO, taken IDEMStudio (2019).


photos by Barbara Pau, Marco Fronteddu