Raffaello Ugo – Untitled

November 22 – Dicember 7  2018

Technical sheet: n. 10 heuristic wall machines (iron wire, 0.01 euro coins, wood, cotton thread, small iron sheets, 2018), n.1 water heuristic machine (stainless steel pot, tin can, cotton thread, iron wire, venetian slates, cigar tin case, 2007).

Heuristic machines are “poor” sculptures made of worn iron wires, wax residue and frayed wood, the result of the artist’s constant research and investigation on the destiny of “things” through the passage of time.

Physical and philosophical conundrums, solved with poetry and science.

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Raffaello Ugo (Empoli 1957) vive e lavora a Monserrato (CA).


fphoto credits Marco Fronteddu