A gift from the artist 2021

Dicember 27/30, 2021

Work on display:

Paulina Herrera Letelier – Cityscape, 42 terracotta elements, room size installation, approx.10×10 cm each, 2020-2021

Antonio Mallus – Volcano, acrylic on canvas, 140×120 cm, 2017

Martina Mura – Glaciale, acrylic on canvas, 30×30 cm, 2021; Monoliths, acrylic on canvas, 44×47 cm, 2021


A gift from the artist is the annual appointment from 27 to 30 December in which the poetic research of the artists accompanies our audience to the new year. This year it is  Paulina Herrera Letelier, Antonio Mallus and  Martina Mura to say goodbye from 2021.