Marco Useli – The Mani

11-27 April 2018

Technical sheet: n.7 oil on canvas, 1 engraving and ink on 1/1 cotton paper, n.1 ink and crayon on cotton paper, n.2 ink, colored pencils and acrylic on cotton paper, n. 1 acrylic rolled on paper, 1 graphite on cotton paper, n1. acrylic and crayon on paper, 5 woodcut and drypoint of 5.

An original selection of oil paintings, engravings and drawings made to give life to a ready-made, minimal and irregular encyclopaedia in which a small multitude of Mani and a plurality of hands heatedly discuss their memories and the future, opposable thumbs, limbs and anatomies and gestures and islands and reckless trips like that of Ulysses in Joyce’s Dublin.

An episode of serious pictorial research between a boxing match and a puzzle magazine.

Statement by the author

My work crystallized the succession and overlapping of events and consumption. I define a rhythm and create the limits of an instantaneous landscape through the pictorial gesture.

I seek formal synthesis of states of fact originated from subterranean and complex dynamics.

I focus on elementary forms of landscape, on factors that interact in radical environments such as stone quarries, production and industrial sites, spaces for survival of spontaneous vegetation in urban areas.

I do formal research and experimentation without compromise on the issues raised by the artistic work, the exploitation of environmental resources and the use of tools that have a strong impact on nature.

Biography: Marco Useli (Nuoro 1983) lives and works in Milan and Dorgali. After graduating from the art institute, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 2007. After a two-year experience in London, he settled in Milan where he obtained a Master in Contemporary Design with Stone at the Polytechnic. Since 2012, he is part of the Milan Print Makers, which deals with developing research in graphic art. In 2017, he also opened a studio in Dorgali (NU) where he continues his artistic research. The studio hosts, under his curatorship, exhibitions and painting and engraving workshops.