Igino Panzino – Augmented Reality

23 March – 6 April 2018

Technical sheet: n. 13  cut out photographs, recomposed on forex.

Realtà Aumentata (Augmented Reality) is the title of the exhibition that Igino Panzino’s main works in the last 3 years: pieces of art made by reworking various photographic shots, in certain cases details, taken from his archive. After being dissected into cards, they were recomposed and positioned on layers.

These are metalinguistic works and, because of that, we thought proper to involve a plurality of opinions to comment them.

Therefore, we asked for the collaboration of photographers, curators, professors of aesthetics and art history, artists, to set up an exhibition that avoided a single point of view and, thus, adhered to the spirit of the works on display.

Thus, each image has an appendix consisting of a text that is not and does not want to be just a caption but, like the photographic blocks that compose it, contributes to the definition of the work or perhaps to the revelation of the complete indefiniteness of its borders.

In this way, the exhibition itself overcomes/includes the definition of installation, exhibition, work in progress, collective laboratory, a mix of genres made with intelligence and irony, capable of asking questions about the same semantics that art employs.

In short, by deconstructing our knowledge and references, Panzino invites us to embrace the new century and to use our experience to investigate the present and the future with open and curious eyes.

Biography: Igino Panzino (Sassari 1951) lives and works in Sassari. He completed his studies at the Sassari State Institute of Art, a school gifted – under the direction of Mauro Manca – with a lively atmosphere of discussion and research. Raised in the highly ideological moment of the late Sixties, he began its exhibition activity in the early seventies, conceptualizing the work of art as a product of a peculiar and autonomous language, endowed with infinite expressive possibilities, by creating three-dimensional structures with a neo-constructivist style, characterized by a marked design-oriented form, distinguished by an manifest craftmanship. In the same years, he joined the Rosa Group (conceptual orientation training, conceived by Aldo Contini), where he deepened a choice of investigation focused on the highlighting of the procedures and linguistic means.

Since the eighties, he devoted himself to painting, with a particular focus on watercolor and drawing, first transferring the clear geometry of the previous plastic structures onto the canvas, then focusing on analytical texture effects that maintain an evident design-oriented approach, albeit softened by the gestures of the techniques implemented. The design-oriented dimension, constant presence in his activity, translated in sculpture in his most recent works, currently tends to focus on the environment as a result of collaboration with architects with whom he has created several public works distributed in various locations in Sardinia. Nowadays, he realizes works based on the transformation of photography into a plastic object.

From 1969 to 2002, Panzino taught at the Artistic Lyceum of Cagliari and in the Art Institutes of Sassari, Alghero, Valenza Po and Rome. He has exhibited in Italy and abroad in public and private spaces. He currently lives and works in Sassari.