Short Exhibitions

Roberto Randaccio – Fake Papers Lacerations

2-4 May 2018

Technical sheet: 5 mixed technique (acrylic and graphite) on paper (japanese Moleskine).

Lacerazioni is a series of works in acrylic and graphite belonging to the Carte False (Fake Papers) project, a cycle of works characterized by the representation of sheets of paper on real paper.

The paper, continually cited and depicted in its different styles – folded, cut, torn –, becomes an instrument of investigation to reflect upon appearance and reality, negation and figuration, as well as becoming, with its simple presence of open white paper, a witness and a critic of the works of other artists.

Lacerazioni is a series of reflections freely inspired by the Dead Christ by Holbein.

Biography: Roberto Randaccio (Cagliari 1958) lives and works in Cagliari.