Lucio Pozzi – GAP

13 October – 2 November 2018

Technical sheet: n. 12 acrylic on flashe on board, 30,5×22,8×2,2cm. 1 installation – 2 banners: digital photos in black and white, pvc gr. 500, 360x90cm; 2 slabs of wood 170x80x1,5cm painted with glossy yellow enamel; Tulip, 11 Sept. 2018, 76x57cm, acrylic on paper; Moonsong, 12 Sept. 2018, 76x57cm, acrylic on paper; 8 nails.

GAP is divided into two parallel lines: on one side there are twelve small paintings of the Diffraction/Diffrazioni series and on the other one a new installation called Fortuna. The paintings are very colorful acrylic paintings in which two color strips never meet. The installation has black and white drawings on two slabs of wood painted in yellow that are placed on digital photos 3.20 meters high. In a controversy with what he calls the “virus of explanation”, Pozzi does not explain his works and wants to stimulate the spectators to recreate the art piece in their mind as they please.

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Biography: Lucio Pozzi was born in 1935 in Milan. After living a few years in Rome, where he studied architecture, he arrived in the United States in 1962, a guest of the Harvard International Summer Seminar. He immediately established himself in New York and took American citizenship. After a while, his art began to be exhibited in galleries such as Aries, Bykert, John Weber, Gianenzo Sperone, Yvon Lambert, Leo Castelli. He lives and works in Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) and Hudson (NY). Pozzi is a painter who loves to paint and, at the same time, pursue his interests even in contexts that are not exactly pictorial.