Antonio Secci – The Right Side

12-29 June 2018

Technical sheet: n.8 mixed technique on board, n.1 pastel on paper. Years: 1970-2016.

The core of selected works in this small anthology embraces a period ranging from the 70s to our days. In these 40 years, the artist has chosen, from time to time, different materials (metals, plastics, papers, acrylic colors, pencils) to create material surfaces where only two colors delimit spaces and shapes accentuating the contrast. These irregular geometric shapes, forced on a two-dimensional support that they try to escape, are projecting themselves in the only possible direction (towards the eyes of the spectator), are forced to cohabit in the space dictated by the artist, and find a dialogue within those boundaries. Each work becomes a sort of atoll dispersed in the ocean, a place or mirage with which to confront, collide or join, letting the tensions and energies that ripple edges and surfaces find a common wavelength.

Biography: Antonio Secci (Dorgali 1944) lives and works in Dorgali.